Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Johor 2016. Work + Short Break

oh man...it's been ages since I last update my blog. I realize that every time I post a blog, the same intro would be written.😥 So I'm not much of a writer. 

Okkkkk here it goes....This entry is all about our trip to Johor in October 2016. Work wrapped with short break is a big bonus that we've been waiting for. Our final stop was Desaru and it took us ages to get there. So we made soooo many stops to eat, pray, weewee and stretch our legs. We ate at NASI LEMAK WAK KENTUT which is located in Kulai Jaya. The rice and fried chicken were served hot and fresh and that what makes it marvelous.

After driving more than 8 hours, finally we reached our destination for a short holiday.YEAY...💃

After doing some mini research, we decided to spend 2 nights at DESARU TUNAMAYA 💑. I guess it was recently refurbished. A stay worth the money.

The final stop we decided to spend the night in Endau. No pre booking was done so we just tried our luck to get a room. Such a peaceful town. The food was marvelous.

On our way back, we had lunch at Gerai Udang Galah Mak Ngah. extra large prawns, cooked based on order. Superb!!!

Till we meet again in the next post. Tata...

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