Saturday, 19 September 2015

🚘 Perlis 🚒 Langkawi

It's been soooo long since our last holiday.

The night before our long journey. As ususal, mumi is the only one struggling to pack things and clean the house while the other play games n try to add mumi's chores..

On NSE. A hazy day


Our first night, dinner was at Mona Ikan Bakar. It's tΓ stiness has been haunting us since our last visit. We had our usual dishes: 

Oh this is only half of the dishes that we had ordered 😜

The last time we came here, Nuha was still a baby and Muaz was still small. How times fly so quickly. 

The next day, we went to Padang Besar. Bought  towel, blankets,  bag, toys is a must and  t-shirt. We had lunch at  Chempaka located opposite of the complex/centre of attraction of Padang Besar. Great food and the tea ice is super duper superb.

We went to Chuping to search for the largest sugar cane plantation area. Instead of sugar cane, we found only rubber treas n oil palm trees.

Our 2nd night we tried to give a shot at a new place, so we scouted for restaurant which has more customers. We decided to have lunch at Eta Ikan Bakar. The food was quite average.

Walking hand in hand back to our room

Next day we continued our vacation by taking roro ferry to Langkawi Island. We had noticed another ferry operator besides roro with a more appropriate depature time. Maybe for the next trip we should take this.

We had booked Adya hotel. A new hotel located in Kuah. Comfortable room equipt with a balcony.

Playing piggy bank inside the room πŸ˜…

For our first night, we had our dinner at Halim Gulai Panas located at Airport's roundabout. There was a laundry shop so I had dropped all our dirty clothes for washing.


After a tiring day

2nd day in langkawi
Breakfast at Adya

Cheap lunch at Nasi Campur Top Bbq

The following day we checked out from our room after the kids swam in the swimming pool. Then we had lunch at Restoran Kak Yan. The food taste nice and the restaurant is really clean.

The peak of our vacation is checking in Meritus Pelangi Beach.

2nd day at Meritus Pelangi, we had spent time by doing activities in the resort.

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To my number 1 fan, this entry is specially dedicated for you who has done a lot of research/ reading/ understanding/ planning/ calculating to ensure our trip is full of enjoyable stuffs.

I'm writting this 4months late entry from my hospital bed. Only now I could have my time while husband takes care of the kids πŸ˜… This is the 3rd time I have been admitted for this year..

End of May 2015 we decided to surprise our kids by planning a trip to Johor. Our main target was Legoland.

Gambar wajib setiap ekspedisi :p

After about 4 hours of driving, we headed to our first target, Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). Bought a purse for myself and jeans for Big M.

We had reached Johor quite late so we decided to just stay at a boutique hotel, 8days. Japanese concept. simple n nice.

For dinner we headed to Senibong. The food wasn't as I had expected. We had to finish our dinner quickly as the was kelkatu flying in groups and really horrifying.

The next day, to kill time since we could only checkin at 4pm,  we went to Plaza Ansana. Good old memories started flasing back. There is 1 shop that I have been aiming for quite sometime. Kedai Cantik, a shop selling cotton fabrics with cartoon characters design.

So then we had mee rebus n yong tau foo at its foodcourt. This two stalls has been selling there since ages. Husband had to queue to order mee rebus.

Checkin Legoland hotel. The lobby was filled with legos. Muaz n Nuha played while Ayah checkin. We stayed for 2nights inclusive with breakfast n passes to the theme park for 2 days. We decided to go in the theme park the day after fully recharge. We booked Kingdom type of room with separate kids room (yesss!!!! it's time to mushy mushy :p).

HAPPY faces :)

Legoland Hotel - Kid's world

Gigantic lego

Kids bunk bed with their own tv

Detective Muaz and Nuha in action

Yeah...itu dia muka kaya.. :p

Dancing to the disco song and lights inside the lift

Packed with hotel guests even though it's not even the school holidays yet

Tired eyes but enjoying every bits of the trip

Ayah the alien :p

After a tired day playing in the pool

One of the greatest trip ever. Cherish the happiness the kids had shown during our stay here. It's like a dream come true honey. Wish we could come here another time.
Bubye Legoland

As we headed to Selangor, we decided to spend a night at Melaka. Stayed at a budget hotel opposite of the oldest Mosque in Melaka.

River cruise.. The only visitor on board.

Coconut shake..

The silly little eyes by Muaz says, it's a wrap for this holiday. Till we meet again. Adios amigos...